About Us

Harikrishnan Parthasarathy (“ Hari”)

CEO & Founder, WP&E (Water, Process & Energy) Technologies &Solutions

M.S Chemical Engineering, Executive MBA , US

  • MS Chemical Engineering ( USA); Executive MBA ( USA)
  • 23 years global experience in management, business development, design, engineering, implementation, operations, maintenance of filtration and separations solutions in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, LNG, Fertilizer and Manufacturing industries. Experience in  managing diverse culture, operations and projects implementation in USA, GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and other countries
  • Owner of 8 global patents and over 20+ patent pending applications
  • Patents have been successfully implemented in numerous commercial scale systems globally to benefit environment, lowering costs to customers, removing toxic pollutants, reducing hazardous waste and improving, health, safety  standards of people in manufacturing environment

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of Experience
Completed Projects

WP&E Field Scale Test Facility in Atlanta, GA, USA

Technology Demonstration in a field scale test unit for

  • Training
  • Customer sample testing for performance
  • Modifying process parameters for performance

WP&E’s Patented and Patent pending technologies based treatment systems are applied in water and gas phase to help customers

Be environmentally compliant

Improve Health, Safety and Environmental Standards

Improve Throughput

Protect Integrity of equipments

Improve performance of existing equipments and reduce downtime

Reduce costs

Enable Recycle and Reuse