WP&E Technologies based systems and services

  • Portable Rental system modules at : 
    • 5-150 m3/h skids flow increments for water
    • 100-10,000 cfm flow increments for air and gas streams
  • Permanent systems at : 
    • 5-1000 m3/h for water
    • 150,000 cfm for air and gas streams
  • Field Portable GC analyzers for BTEX, VOC’s and oil in water analyzers for ppm level measurements for influent and effluent monitoring
  • Process Design, Engineering, Mobilization, Installation, Start Up and Commissioning & Training
  • 24 x 7 Operations and Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Supply of Spares and Consumables
  • Consulting Services and Studies – Heat Transfer, Reactors, Columns, Cooling tower, Emissions, Remediation
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Benefits of WP&E Technologies and Solutions

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